Knowledge of the power of magnets lies behind a very old therapeutic treatment that has been well documented down through the ages.

Experience shows that magnetic radiation improves the blood flow and mobilizes the body‘s own defences. One thing that homoeopathy, acupuncture and magnetic applications have in common: although not scientifically recognized, they are used successfully by millions of people and valued throughout the world.

Whenever extra power, energy and strength are required, people wear magnetic jewellery and rediscover the primal power of magnets. Petra Doring, founder since 1999 of Magnetix Wellness has put together modern magnetic jewellery ,which combines exclusive, stylish design with the beneficial power of magnets, creating a harmonious bond between aesthetics, energy and wellbeing.

Fatigue, sinusitis, neck and back pain, Digestive problems, Sleeping disorders, Joint pain & rheumatism, Arthritis, Bruises – these are just some of the issues magnets can help with.


Magnetix-wellness use Neodymium magnets. These are the latest, strongest and most expensive magnet they lose about 1% of strength every 100 years.

Meet my two lovely Boxers

Taz 10 years old – Taz has arthritis and had skin allergies.

After 3 weeks of drinking the magnetized water he got up out of the bed so much easier in the mornings.

For his skin I bathe him in Aloe Hand Soap and use Aloe Gel or propolis on any hotspots. This seems to do the trick and he is less itchy.

Scooby the boxer

Scooby 6 & half years old – Scooby has epilepsy - was very anxious and stressed.

He also drinks the water and wears a pendant. After 24 hours of wearing the pendant I noticed a huge difference in his behavior.

He is a lot calmer and able to be left on his own out without wrecking the house.

Taz the boxer